Laurier Gordon Ramsay

28 Nov

When last Friday night came around and I had reservations to eat at Laurier Gordon Ramsay, I didn’t know what to think… I was discouraged by the mixed reviews I came across online and via friends, yet still incredibly curious given the huge buzz around this restaurant. Personally, I had never visited Laurier BBQ pre Gordon Ramsay, so I had no attachment or expectations. And given that’s precisely how I approached my meal, I can happily say I was quite satisfied. To appreciate this resto, I think you have to keep in mind it’s a just a family style rotisserie with a nice décor.

Potted beef. Original and delicious. My favourite dish of the night.

We started off with the potted beef and 3 mini-burgers or “all beef sliders” as they are called on the menu. The potted beef was braised, shredded and served cold mixed with Dijon and topped with arugula. It came with a few pieces of crispy bread. This was a knockout!

Mini burgers might be a little passé, but these were quite good. Nice touch with the caramelized onions.

The mini-burgers didn’t disappoint either. The beef was well seasoned (did I taste Montreal steak spice in there?) and juicy. Each burger was topped with caramelized onions and sharp cheddar. Extra points for presentation with cute mini pickles and onions!

Porchetta sandwich. Great comfort food but there was no way I could finish it. It's huge!

As a main, I hesitated between the shrimp and crab roll and the porchetta sandwich. The waiter came to my rescue and suggested the porchetta hands down. I love getting clear recommendations from wait staff! Again, I was happily surprised. No, this is not a “light” sandwich and yes, you are going to bite into fat and crispy skin, but hey, it’s porchetta! That’s the way it’s meant to me. My only squabble with this dish is that I thought the pork could have used more seasoning.

Classic rotisserie chicken. Good chicken and great spicy fries. I've had better sauce...

The other main we chose was the classic rotisserie chicken breast. It was on point: plump and juicy with crispy skin. The fries had a great coating of spicy salt which made it hard to stop eating them. Same for the chips that came with the porchetta sandwich. The barbecue sauce was definitely on the salty side though…

The verdict…
If you go with the right expectation, chances are you’ll be satisfied. Don’t expect haute cuisine and keep in mind it’s a family restaurant.

On the + side: The décor is warm and inviting with a modern twist, which seems perfect for a restaurant serving up classic comfort foods.
On the – side: It was uncomfortably hot in the area where we were seated (at the bar). It became borderline unbearable by the time we left. The noise level can get pretty high too, given the large groups.
Good for: Family dinners, groups or just a low-key night out to eat comfort food.
Cost: $54 excluding tip for 1 entrée, 1 main and half a bottle of wine. Potted beef: $11, porchetta sandwich: $14. All prices available on their menu at
Would I go back? Yes, but no rush… If I lived close by, I might go back sooner but I feel like I have similar, better options in my area (i.e. Le Boucan).
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